Come to see this 'Oscar' and 'BAFTA'-winner ! Immortal Webber at the immortal "Sunset Boulevard"


Come, come, come, come guys!

You should see that, this music makes shivers run down your back and you all covers by ‘goose-skin’.

Magnificent, tremendous, spectacular!

And cross your fingers for me – I’m doing viola in there.  :))  Wish me luck!

Did you ever know?.. (p.2)

Well, as you probably noticed this series (“Did you ever know?..)  established to tell you something new about the people thanks whos talent and hard work and innovations and inventions (mostly pedagogical) we have such an incredible and amazing phenomenon of Russian violin school.

This article will be about Stolyarsky again.

Did you ever know…

… that he preferred to  have all his class to attend all violin lessons of every single student on his school?

It means that even if you dont have classes today, you come to the violin class in any was because someone else does have it today for sure. Just imagine that every single lesson you play your “non-pitched” and scratchy notes in face of the whole school! It was not very big actually, about 20-30 students of all grades, but nevertheless it make you do your best of the best to play 100% beautiful as you can, great stimulation, dont you think?..


Well, when you come to your lesson – just pretend for a second that there could be someone who can listen you playing.  :))

Being strict and demanding to yourself, and look and hear your self  ‘from outside’ is a great teacher.

When everyone felt like a child

… and in was really great!

Well, here we are again! Fantastic cast of TMO  Orchestra, fantastic music written and conducted by world-famous George Fenton (yeah, this exact George Fenton!!)  who is the composer of the scores will be conducting all rehearsals/concerts.  For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he is a multi Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Bafta (etc!!!!) award winner.  A few of the things he wrote the scores for include You’ve Got Mail, Hitch, Memphis Belle, Gandhi, Dangerous Liaisons and Groundhog day.  Huge screen on back of the stage  – and the OCEAN of music.

Check us out:

And this is couple of extra shoots from the hall:



I was sooooooo happy to work with you guys !!!!!! Thank you everyone!!