Awesome game, check it out!

Hey everyone,

We all heard a word “perfect pitch” but what does that mean and how one can find our if he/she has it or not, and how is it – to HAVE IT, etc.  Now I would like to invite you to check it out by yourself, its absolute and total winner in nomination “Coolest Music Game Of  The Year”:




Magnificent event in Concourse Theater

Oh, what a week.  :))  Just finished another fantastic concert session with Willoughby Theater Company, with their latest production “Magic of the Musicals”. Fantastic soloists, terrific choir and – oi vey, what an orchestra!..  And as it turned out, this event was on the Top-10 of Sydney’s July events.



Thank you guys, everyone who’s been involved, who came to see and support us and see you next time on our next production (approx. in November)!


UPD:  And here is the video, you can see me right next to the conductor, first person left with bushy hair: