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Yes, its “ATOMIC”, world premiere of newly written musical, and I am hereby declare that I’m in band!..  I cant believe it, cant wait till the first reading rehearsal (which is November 11th).

Synopsis (shortly):

ATOMIC is a contemporary high energy musical that throws the doors open on a pivotal moment in history. It is a thriller that is equal parts Brecht and Strindberg in its style and execution. It takes us inside the brilliant minds that conspired to harness the power of nature while turning their back on the price to be paid by humanity. The story examines how a passionate drive to succeed in a grand vision can eclipse the harsh and tragic consequences that such vision can wreak.

The central figure in the story is scientist Leo Szilard, the forgotten man that dreamed the bomb into existence. The story is set amidst the fever of the tense race between the United States and Germany in the building of a weapon of mass destruction. While the threat of a Nazi bomb disappears with Germany’s defeat, America’s bomb building enterprise thunders onward. Having experienced personal monumental loss in the cruelties of Nazi Germany, he knows where the path of necessary evil leads. As the man who started the process, he feels it his duty to stop the bomb being dropped on Japan, whatever the personal cost.


Thats all I have at the moment, fingers crossed for this production!..

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned from Playing the Violin (c)

By Noa Kageyama, Ph.D. | Jul 28, 2012



The seemingly obvious lesson that only took me twenty-three years to learn.

You have probably heard the old joke about the tourist who asks a cab driver how to get to Carnegie Hall, only to be told: “Practice, practice, practice!”

I began playing the violin at age two, and for as long as I can remember, there was one question which haunted me every day.

Am I practicing enough?

What Do Performers Say?

I scoured books and interviews with great artists, looking for a consensus on practice time that would ease my conscience. I read an interview with Rubinstein, in which he stated that nobody should have to practice more than four hours a day. He explained that if you needed that much time, you probably weren’t doing it right.

And then there was violinist Nathan Milstein who once asked his teacher Leopold Auer how many hours a day he should be practicing. Auer responded by saying “Practice with your fingers and you need all day. Practice with your mind and you will do as much in 1 1/2 hours.”

Even Heifetz indicated that he never believed in practicing too much, and that excessive practice is “just as bad as practicing too little!” He claimed that he practiced no more than three hours per day on average, and that he didn’t practice at all on Sundays.

It seemed that four hours should be enough. So I breathed easy for a bit. And then….  (more…)