Can you name a piece just from looking at the music?

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Honestly, I’ve got 14 out of 20.  Results said (I quote):  You’re music-mad – not bad at all, a very respectable score.

Check it out:

Sure you can recognise Beethoven‘s Fifth Symphony when you hear it on the radio, you can name the aria that’s playing in an advert and you can sing along to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet when you go to a concert.

But can you name these classical masterpieces just by looking at the scores? Time to really test your knowledge…



Go ahead for testing:

Good luckkkkkkkk!!!

Happy birthday, Charlie!

Today is a birthday of one of the greatest personalities of XX century, Charlie Chaplin. Not many people knows this, but he was not only extremely talented early movie director, cinematographist, revolutionist and inventor in a world of movie-making, the funniest and bravest man (but very humble in the same time),  but he also is a wonderful composer, talented and voluminous. He wrote ALL music to ALL his movies himself (and he filmed about 90 movies), but not only wrote, but arranged, adapted to the movie, and, well, to be honest, as an orchestra musician I should admit his music is one of the most challenging orchestral pieces I ever dealt with.

Incredible man, incredibly sad life story though.

No wonder that his fate touched deeply (and at some stage crossed) with the other famous person, Michael Jackson, who’s “Smile” (composed by Charlie Chaplin) we all know.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!