Story of Maksymilian Faktorowicz (also known as Max Factor)

Well, one may say “Cosmetics? Seriously? It has nothing to do with violin or a music”.

And I would strongly disagree because first, it is a story of self-made person, a person who created success by his own hands and talent, secondly it’s been a moment in Maksymilian’s life 100% related with music and arts and third, well its just an interesting read.

Max was born in Russian-occupied part of Poland  in 1872. By the age of eight years old (8 years old, can you imagine it?)  Factor was working as an assistant to a dentist/pharmacist, then he was apprenticed to a Łódź’s wig maker and cosmetician, and then by the age of fourteen, he was working at Korpo, a Moscow wig maker and cosmetician to the Imperial Russian Grand Opera (in our days knows as Bolshoi Theater). He was also one of make-uppers for Tsar’s family not too long before Revolution.

He opened his own shop in the town of Ryazan’ near Moscow, selling hand-made rouges, creams, fragrances, and wigs, but afterwards Max Factor moved to California and launched his new business providing made-to-order wigs and theatrical make-up to the growing film industry in nearby Hollywood.

Factor began experimenting with various compounds in an effort to develop a suitable make-up for the new film medium. By 1914 he had perfected the first cosmetic specifically created for motion picture use — a thinner greasepaint in cream form, packaged in a jar, and created in 12 precisely-graduated shades. Unlike theatrical cosmetics, it would not crack or cake.

In 1920 Max Factor gave in to Frank Factor’s suggestion and officially began referring to his products as “make-up”. Up until then, the term “cosmetics” had been used: The term ”make-up” was considered to be used only by people in the theatre or of dubious reputation, not something to be used in polite society.

Sir Max was awarded an Oscar award for Developed cosmetics specifically for use in black-and-white films and also he is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Surprisingly, there’re so many modern things in beauty industry which he has invented or innovated in far away beginning of XX century, like French manicure (1927),  lip gloss (1930), liquid nail polish (1934), waterproof make-up (1971), colorless mascara (1988) and so so so many other things. All invented by Max Factor.