Did Cro-Magnons invented the cinematography?

Distant precursor of the cinematography was a simple toy called taumatotropom. It is believed that it was invented by the famous English physicist and astronomer John Herschel. In 1825 he argued with his friend, the mathematician Charles Babbage that he will be able to simultaneously show both sides of the gold coin, with no aid of a mirror. And he won the dispute. Herschel Babbage asked to put a coin on the level of eyes of and spinned the coin. Because of the inertia of visual perception, coat of arms merged with the profile of the Queen’s on the other side of the coin. Herschel did not pay attention to the ingenious trick, and the next year other people have patented a toy – a disk with two different images on its sides. When the disc is rotated quickly on threads inserted into the holes, the two images are merged, creating the illusion of movement. For example, the figure jumping frog, because on one side of the disc it is painted seated, and on the other – hanging in the air with outstretched paws.

But recently French archaeologists Marc Azema and Florent River found bone disks with a hole in the middle and animal prints on both sides in caves in southwestern France. Drawn same animal, but with legs in different positions. If you thread the string through the hole and rotate the disc, we will see a running animal. These findings about 15 thousand years.




In addition, Azem and River found an ancient animal wall paintings in many French caves – buffaloes, lions, antelopes, with eight legs. According to them, the artists tried to depict different stages of leg movements while running. Perhaps, in the flickering light of torches, where the ancient people saw these pictures, it seemed that the animals actually run. These artifacts are much more older than bone taumatotropa – it more than 30 thousand years.