Juilliard School Opens Campus in China

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The Juilliard School has announced it will open a campus in China, the Tianjin Juilliard School, in 2018.

The campus, which will be Juilliard’s first campus outside of its historic New York grounds, will be the first performing-arts institution in China to offer a US-accredited master’s degree.

“I believe that maintaining Juilliard’s prominence in the global performing-arts landscape will depend on a robust series of programs to engage with a wide range of learners in different parts of the world,”Joseph W. Polisi, Juilliard’s president, said in a statement. “Together with the roots we will build in Tianjin, our educational apps for the consumer market, our program for primary and secondary school students, and future digital products are all part of this strategy.”

The Tianjin Juilliard School, which will be designed by the same firm responsible for Juilliard’s expansion in New York from 2006-09, will offer a range of classes and lessons for all ages and skill levels. Its master of music degree program will offer studies in orchestral performance, chamber-music performance, and collaborative piano. The school will also offer a pre-college program, an instrumental training program, adult education, and public performances and exhibits.