My  teaching  methodology

It is based on traditional Russian violin scholarship which gave us such a great names as David Oistrach, Leonid Kogan and Maxim Vengerov. My tutoring also has an elements of Suzuki method but I’m doing it in actual AMEB system.

My teaching philosophy is: “Everyone’s talented. Teacher’s role is just to help your talent blossom” (M.Montessori).

And one more thing which is definitely important for studying music is LISTENING. Listening to music pieces you currently play, listening to your teacher shows and tells you, listening to the world famous violinists in YouTube, listening to the nature sounds, and even listening to the silence.


For beginning

At free initial assessment we determine readiness for instrumental tuition and appropriateness of the violin for the individual student. Once the program begins the student will get the list of musical compositions that he or she will be studying during our lessons. As student advances through the program he’s program will be updated with more complicated compositions. Student will also have the opportunity to perform in a non-threatening environment in front of his family or friends.


AMEB examination

If you want to have more specific result of your studying or your goal is to become a professional musician – you will pass AMEB exams. You have nothing to worry about – just practice to prepare yourself.


HSC coaching/consulting/ensemble playing

If you want to prepare your kid to the Music HSC I can give you some guidance and help him/her to prepare his/her solo repertoire and be a part of chamber ensemble (ie duo, trio, quartet, etc).

In addition, I can prepare your child an orchestra audition, give some advise about orchestra parts and help him/her to master their orchestra repertoire.


What’s required 

You are required to get your own (or borrowed) violin and bow suitable to your age and body measures. If you don’t know what suits you at the beginning – we’ll choose one for you.

Afterwards you’ll be required to buy your AMEB Collection (available levels are from Preliminary to Grade 8)  also suitable for the level of your preparation. We’ll choose them as well.

What else?  Your willing to play violin very well is essential.


Where do we study?  

I am available for the lessons at Sydney North-West (Hills Area). Lessons are available at my place (small studio).



Trial lesson is free

30 min lesson (recommended for kids from 4,5 to 8 years old)  is  $35.

45 min. lesson (recommended for kids from 6 to 8 years old) is $50.

60 min lesson (recommended for all 8+ years old)  is  $70.