When everyone felt like a child

… and in was really great!

Well, here we are again! Fantastic cast of TMO  Orchestra, fantastic music written and conducted by world-famous George Fenton (yeah, this exact George Fenton!!)  who is the composer of the scores will be conducting all rehearsals/concerts.  For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he is a multi Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Bafta (etc!!!!) award winner.  A few of the things he wrote the scores for include You’ve Got Mail, Hitch, Memphis Belle, Gandhi, Dangerous Liaisons and Groundhog day.  Huge screen on back of the stage  – and the OCEAN of music.

Check us out:

And this is couple of extra shoots from the hall:



I was sooooooo happy to work with you guys !!!!!! Thank you everyone!!

Unbelievable SHINING

This is the memory for the rest of my life.

David Helfgott, Australian music icon of late XX century, amazingly talented person with amazingly sad story, which became the base for the “Oscar”-winner movie “SHINE” (1996). And – yeah, we played with him! It was something outstanding, I never knew that playing Rachmaninov’s 3rd Piano Concerto could be so fun and easy – EASY and FUN ! Actually it’s very huge, massive music so ask 100 musicians and 100 musicians tell you how difficult it is and how much energy it takes to play this concerto, but not in that evening!..

Amazing, amazing!..


Did you ever know... (p.1)

This photo is legendary.

This is the person from whom the whole Russian violin scholarship begins.  This is the person to whom we all have to say “thank you” for having such a brilliant names as David Oistrakh, Elizabeth Ghilels, Nathan Milshtein.

This is the person who created all around him (including himself)  by his own. Yeah, he was autodidact.

This is Pyotr Stolarskiy.

Unexpected (but pleasant) updates

Wohohohohhhhhooooow, check this out!


Our orchestra I was doing with for a year – the’ve got an updates and we’re no longer Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra (MCO) but The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO). Oh we definitely grows up.   :))    And their site was updated also, so now my name is in there too.

I’m very happy I play with this orchestra, really.

"Anything goes" and how it goes

Lucky me, I was involved in one musical staging “Anything goes”, it was written in 1930th, edited in 1970 but it sounds really contemporary. The age old tale of boy meets girl and the complications which ensue intrigue every audience, this screwball comedy is replete with disguises and mistaken identities and eventually four happy couples.



And here’s my tired by all those rehearsals and shows face:


P.S. I have to tell you – it was really brilliant session I had in non-classical style. And – yeah, that reminded me my opera/ballet work which I miss sooooo much…   THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED AND ALL WHO CAME TO SEE OUR SHOWS !