16, December 2015

My little genius

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present you my 5 yo student, who is not only incredibly talented in violin (and keep surprising me for 2 years I know him), but also is multi-talented person: Andre Cubatka, “Harbor Bridge Firework” Canvas, oil.   2015 Guggenheim Museum (well, maybe one day):

9, December 2015

Mona Lisa: hidden portrait found underneath

A French scientist claims to have discovered a hidden portrait beneath Leonardo Da Vinci’s most celebrated masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. Pascal Cotte, the co-founder of Lumiere Technology in Paris, says he has used reflective light technology to uncover an image of another woman, who is looking off to the side and not smiling, in contrast to the Mona Lisa’sRead More …

4, December 2015

That is the prodigy!!!!

Yes, this guy has nothing to do with violin or music or performance. But I really want you to watch him doing something absolutely incredible in absolutely incredible way. That’s what I call “professionalism”. Doesn’t matter if it is in the violin, piano, football or billiard.   :))

27, November 2015

Medal of Freedom to Itzhak Perlman

Yesterday the world famous violinist Itzhak Perlman has been awarded with Medal of Freedom in White House by US President Barak Obama. “So honored to receive the Medal of Freedom from the President yesterday” – he said in his FB page.

24, November 2015

All Bach’s music ever written

Bach’s Association of Netherlands has launched very unusual project: they record ALL Bach’s pieces ever written by him (all 1080 of them, for choir, orchestra, soloists, instrumentals) and publish these tracks in Internet for free. You can see new recording every Friday here:  http://allofbach.com/en/ This project will be fully finished in 2021. It works withoutRead More …

13, November 2015

What a feeling!..

Yesssssss – our AMEB exam for this year is done! Yesssss – we all feel relieved and deeply satisfied since everyone did his/her best! Nooooo – there’s no results yet, but is that really matters? And yessssss, I guess this is what everyone involved feels like:

2, November 2015

Yo-Yo Ma on Intonation, Practice, and the Role of Music in Our Lives

The 60-year-old cellist is on a magic cello ride, and still striving for perfection (Originally posted here:   http://www.allthingsstrings.com/Article-Index/Department/Feature/Yo-Yo-Ma-on-Intonation-Practice-and-the-Role-of-Music-in-Our-Lives  ) A cellist walks on a beach and picks up a bottle. A genie pops out and says, “I give you two wishes.”  The cellist says: “Wow, I’d like to have world peace.”  The genie thinks forRead More …

28, October 2015

Auguri Niccolo Paganini

  Happy 233rd birthday to Niccolò Paganini – the greatest violinist who ever lived. Here’s a report of his playing, from the French journal Le Globe, in 1831: “He seizes his fiddle, hugs it betwixt chin and chest, and fixes on it a look at once of pride, penetration and gentleness. Thus resteth he severalRead More …

12, October 2015

Wa-a-a-a-a-a-at??? :)

10, October 2015

Story of Maksymilian Faktorowicz (also known as Max Factor)

Well, one may say “Cosmetics? Seriously? It has nothing to do with violin or a music”. And I would strongly disagree because first, it is a story of self-made person, a person who created success by his own hands and talent, secondly it’s been a moment in Maksymilian’s life 100% related with music and artsRead More …