6, October 2015

Juilliard School Opens Campus in China

(Originally posted here:   http://www.allthingsstrings.com/News/News/Juilliard-School-Opens-Campus-in-China ) The Juilliard School has announced it will open a campus in China, the Tianjin Juilliard School, in 2018. The campus, which will be Juilliard’s first campus outside of its historic New York grounds, will be the first performing-arts institution in China to offer a US-accredited master’s degree. “I believe that maintainingRead More …

25, September 2015

Portrait cut in two halves, or what separated Frederic Chopin and George Sand

(Originally posted here:   http://zveneczi.tumblr.com/post/1011024673/delacroix-chopin-and-sand   ) Modern hypothetical reconstruction of the painting, based on the circa 1838preliminary sketch of Eugene Delacroix’s joint portrait of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand. The double portrait showed composer Frédéric Chopin playing piano while writer George Sand sits to his left, listening and sewing (a favorite activity of hers). The sitters wereRead More …

14, September 2015

1 year old boy and 11 months in its beginnings in the battery


2, September 2015

Pretty amazing way to look at it

  (originally posted here:   https://www.violins.com.au/   )    

1, September 2015

Origin of Michael Jackson’s “moon walk”

Turns out Michael Jackson’s world-famous “moon walk” is not Michael’s invention. Introducing: Bill Bailey, Appollo Theater, 1955.

1, September 2015

Bow Hair Care Tips

(Originally posted here:   http://www.allthingsstrings.com/Bows/CARE-MAINTENANCE/Bow-Hair-Care-Tips   ) The everyday basics of bow care could be reduced to three simple rules: be careful where you set it down, keep it clean, and loosen the hair when you’re not playing. Developing good bow-care habits, plus an occasional examination for wear and tear, should keep your stick in good workingRead More …

31, August 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch get into character as fearsome Smaug the dragon

Ahead of the release of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, Warner Bros. has released video showing the 38-year-old actor immersing himself into the role. To prepare for the role, Cumberbatch told Los Angeles Times last year he went to the London Zoo to study animals including lizards. To get into the role, little motion captureRead More …

31, August 2015

Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

(Originally posted here:   https://fstoppers.com/commercial/pictures-unbelievable-macro-shots-taken-inside-instruments-6129    )

31, August 2015

This is what probably Leonardo meant

31, August 2015

Did Cro-Magnons invented the cinematography?

Distant precursor of the cinematography was a simple toy called taumatotropom. It is believed that it was invented by the famous English physicist and astronomer John Herschel. In 1825 he argued with his friend, the mathematician Charles Babbage that he will be able to simultaneously show both sides of the gold coin, with no aidRead More …