20, August 2015

Titanic Violin to Be Displayed at Two U.S. Museums

(Originally published here:  http://www.allthingsstrings.com/News/News/Titanic-Violin-to-Be-Displayed-at-Two-U.S.-Museums  ) A violin that is reported to have belonged to Wallace Hartley, the bandmaster of the RMS Titanic, will go on display at two US museums in 2016. The display will mark the first time the violin will be available for the public to view since it set a world record inRead More …

12, August 2015

Clair’s song (Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell)

Introducing one of my students, his name is Andre and he is 5 years old. He is dreaming to win an award and play on the stage for thousands of people:

6, August 2015

Aerial Acrobatic Violinist – Janice Martin

Self described as ‘The World’s Only Aerial Violinist’, Juilliard School-graduate, Janice Martin performing Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’, Copland’s ‘Rodeo’ and Vivadi’s ‘Summer’ upside down, inside out and back-to-front.

3, August 2015

This is what I always tell to my students

2, August 2015

Math in music

This super enthusiastic guy has numbered the keys in his keyboard in limit of octave and …   played every key according to its number how it goes in actual ‘pi’ number, creating a wonderful melody. Who said that math and music are not sisters??

21, July 2015

Do silly things with a smart face

  (To someone who cannot read music – this is a good news for you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THEM! Just grab a duster, sit near of piano and wipe a keyboard from the top to the bottom. Dont forget to make a face of extremely inspired person, pretending that you’re in the stageRead More …

10, July 2015

Cellos, you ROCK!

Oh just look at these guys!!!  Its just a bouquet of the biggest stars in music of our days: Steve Vai   (!!!!!!!!) 2cellos   (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) AC/DC    (Aaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Of course we all have different taste in music, but here everyone can find his own ‘yummies’.  Extraordinary done!!!      

10, July 2015

“Did you practice? Seriously??”

6, July 2015

Is it traumatic to be a musician?

We all love and appreciate when someone is playing his instrument fantastically. Listening to someone playing oboe or cello we cry or have some visions of pictures, places, it seems so real, so live. Sometimes its just breathtaking. But we should also know what is behind this beauty, behind this professionalism. Sometimes it is notRead More …

19, June 2015

When talent takes over

I am not very big fan on covers, but I should admit sometimes they’re done so insanely interesting and high-standard so I cannot help and love them from first sight. My verdict:  it is unbelievably good!!!!!